September New Year

Fall Greeting Cards

Growing up in New England, September was always a favorite time of year.

It marked the start of a new school year, new school clothes, new shoes, a new pencil case and goodies to put inside, a new Trapper Keeper, a new lunchbox, a new season of favorite and highly anticipated TV shows (Eight is Enough, Mork and Mindy, Dallas, Dukes of Hazard, Fantasy Island, Love Boat…I still can’t believe my mom let me watch Dallas), a new year ahead, and that fall feeling.

My teacher friends describe this as an “academic year.”

This carried on through college, adulthood, and even today, well into my mid-life years and living in Florida where the only two seasons are hot and not hot, I still feel like my year begins in September.⁣

So, here’s to back to school, new pencil cases and goodies to put inside, notebooks, lunch boxes, tv shows, a new start, and that fall feeling.⁣ Happy New Year!⁣